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Vedinor is a boutique law firm established in beautiful Helsinki, Finland. We provide legal services for many types of business clients in a fresh and modern way. Our specialist practice areas focus on international and European Union Intellectual Property, Marketing & Advertising, Social Media & Internet, and E-Commerce.

In addition, we provide services related to General Commercial Law by especially drafting and reviewing challenging agreements. We are really passionate about helping our clients to get their content, work and business protected, legit and compliant. We also advise selected clients in the area of Corporate Law.

We are an authentically global-minded law firm with a strong international network. You can get your international legal matters handled efficiently and globally through us.

Corporate social responsibility is vital for us. We are committed to a significant yearly pro bono work.

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What We Do

Our Practice Areas

We provide advise and representation in a variety of international matters, ranging from common corporate and commercial matters to specific areas of intellectual property, marketing, data protection, social media and eCommerce.

Intellectual Property

Our knowledge and experience in intellectual property matters is extensive. We can help you with copyright, trademarks, designs, patents, trade secrets and brand and content protection. We provide affordable trademark search and registration services globally.

Marketing & Advertisement

We have extensive experience in all areas related to legal questions of marketing and advertising. We often advise in influencer and affiliate marketing campaigns. We negotiate contractual terms and draft agreements for both influencers and brands.


We advise in all questions related to international and EU e-commerce, including contracts, agreements and terms & conditions related to online shops, online courses and online service providers. We have understanding and experience from challenging e-commerce assignments.

Internet, Social Media & IT

We advise and represent clients in all kinds of assignments and transactions related to internet, social media and information technology, including mobile app and software end user license agreements, podcast contracts and social media marketing and management contracts.

Data Protection & Privacy

We advise in questions related to EU data protection and privacy legislation. We provide EU Privacy Representative services for our non-EU clients.

General Commercial

We advise and represent clients in all kinds of international commercial transactions. We are experienced with international sale of goods and different eCommerce business models.

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