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Welcome to Vedinor - Our Letter to You

Vedinor is a boutique law firm established in beautiful Helsinki, Finland. We provide legal services for clients worldwide in a fresh and modern way. Our specialist practice areas include Intellectual Property (focusing on Digital Brand Strategy & Protection), E-Commerce, Marketing & Advertising, Consumer Protection, and Internet & Social Media.

Also, we provide services related to general commercial and corporate law to selected clients, generally the ones that have hired us to advise them in our specialist practice areas. We can assist in corporate governance, compliance, mergers and acquisitions, legal due diligence, forming of a business, and in shareholders’ and founders’ agreements.

We have an in-depth understanding of challenges related to technology-driven and creative businesses and modern business and marketing models, so we wanted to create a law firm that truly understands the nature of their clients’ business and can provide creative yet pragmatic solutions.

Although we often deal with very challenging cases that require our special expertise, we have a humble attitude. Yes, we are extremely good at what we do, but we are not perfect and we need to constantly keep learning more and more. You don’t need to wonder whether your case is big or interesting enough for us. We promise that your business matters to us, no matter your latest revenue, amount of followers on your Instagram account, or goals in business. We are here to help you. We are on your side, 100 %.


Our Founders, CEO Mr Kauko Makunen and Legal Counsel Ms Anne Nyström, are a fierce team that decided to put together their strengths, passion, and vision on how legal services should be delivered in today’s highly challenging business environment combined with some techniques adopted from strategic business and management consulting. The name Vedinor comes from the Italian verb “vedi”, see. We chose the name to reflect our visionary business idea – truly seeing our client’s business challenges, strengths, and goals. We want to see your business and learn to become a strategic partner in your business journey.


We are a truly international law firm. We represent clients from all continents and understand the nature of global business. We often advise clients wishing to expand business in new areas, either online or offline. We are experienced in international and cross-border contracts and agreements, IP matters and mergers & acquisitions.

To get your the best possible advise in all geographical areas, we work closely with a carefully selected network of legal professionals all over the world. You can get your legal matters taken care anywhere in the world through us.


Vedinor is proudly from Finland with strong values, and has adopted the following core values we follow in our work:


We always strive for the highest quality and professionalism in everything we do.


We work in areas that evolve and change constantly. We are always coming up with new ideas, methods, and ways to solve problems and create success for our clients.


Honest communication is the best foundation for any relationship, also for professional ones. We act with integrity in our relationships.


We understand that for our clients the matter is usually unique and they need a prompt response. We get back to our clients quickly and see it as one way to show how important they are to us.


While it is a fact that often legal matters are far away from pleasant, we love our work and work hard to make things as smooth as possible for our clients. We encourage joyfulness, as long as that doesn’t limit acting in ways that provide our clients security, consideration, and courtesy.


Transparent about the costs.

Where we can, we’ll offer you a fixed price for the work.  We are as realistic as possible about the amount of work.  We get that nobody wants a bill that’s double or triple the quote you were originally given. If something unexpected happens, we discuss with you about the situation honestly.

Not every situation in legal services is such that we can provide you a flat-fee. If we use billable hours as a standard method in your case, we’ll talk to you about our costs, often and openly.

We are not here to charge you as much as possible but providing you the strategic value that our expertise brings to the table. And for that, we deserve fair compensation, but money is not the reason why we are here in this business.

More than just a lawyer.

When you choose to hire us as your counsel, you don’t get just a lawyer. You get also a specialist, strategist, consultant, and a dealmaker. (The price-tag for that is luckily not equal to hiring five professionals.) We will take care of your business so that you can focus on what you do best, doing your fantastic work, and running your business.



Although we are not completely virtual law firm, we are utilizing digital and remote services in our business model. That has many benefits, including the possibility of remote work for our employees. Due to having less tangible business costs, we can also provide more affordable fees for our clients. So your location overseas or anywhere else in the world is not a problem, as long as we can provide you adequate legal advice. We have clients from all over the world, especially in Europe and in the United States.


If you are interested in choosing us to be your counsel, please feel free to schedule a free initial 20-minute consultation right away. In that brief call, we will try to figure out what your current legal situation is and to provide some guidance on additional steps. This consultation is only suitable for one specific legal problem. If you have a complex matter, please contact us directly at

If you would like to know more about us, our experience, practice areas, and the industries we often work with, and pricing, email us at to request more material and information about us. You can also request a quote via this website. We often provide flat-fee arrangements in the areas of drafting and reviewing commercial contracts.

We generally require a retainer fee before starting to conduct the services. We are however flexible, and can sometimes come up with other types of fee arrangements tailored individually to your situation, so do not hesitate to ask us.

We conduct a conflict of interest check before conducting any consultation, whether free or paid. Therefore, after scheduling a consultation with us, we kindly invite you to fill out a questionnaire about these pieces of information needed in the conflict of interest check through our secure client portal. We reserve the right to cancel the scheduled consultations if we notice that we are not available to advise and represent you due to a conflict of interest.

The formal lawyer-client relationship only begins after you have signed the engagement letter with us after our negotiations about your engagement and our services have concluded in an agreement of you choosing to hire us as your counsel.

We can provide services also in Finnish and in Swedish.

We are extremely delighted that you are considering us and looking forward to hearing from you.

Legal Counsel of Vedinor Law Offices

Words from our clients

  • Thank you for providing such excellent and prompt service in drafting my Coaching Contract. I appreciated having the opportunity to meet with you prior to you drafting my contract. The initial meeting that we had gave me the opportunity to provide you with the necessary information. You were very responsive to my emails and provided a quick turn around. Furthermore, I appreciate that you tailored and made adjustments to my contract based on the nature of my services and for the convenience of both myself and my clients. Thank you!

    • Satara Brown
    • Owner at Satara Brown LLC, United States
  • Anne Nyström came across like a very professional and knowledgeable lawyer. She was easy to communicate with, great time management and response time. She was open to answer all questions I had and gave me great advice throughout our collaboration. It was a pleasure to work with Anne Nyström at Vedinor Law Offices and I would love to work with her/them in the future.

    • Madeleine Aabö
    • CEO and owner of Aabo Commerce AB, Sweden
  • Anne was so brilliant to work with. Firstly, her communication was excellent, answering all of my questions and explaining everything thoroughly to me. She delivered everything as promised and completed the work within days. I’m so pleased and impressed with her high-quality work and would absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs her services. Thanks again, Anne.

    • Alexandra Pluthero
    • CEO, Founder of Wear My Freedom, United Kingdom
  • I had been stressed about updating the Terms & Conditions on my website since moving my business solely online. As luck would have it, I crossed paths with Anne and hired her to create the document. In less than a week, it was done — painless, professional and timely. I went from not knowing where to start and sifting through templates online to answering some simple questions and she personalized the rest. Now I feel protected and up-to-date! I’ve passed her info on to three friends already — I HIGHLY recommend working with Anne!

    • Michelle Marlahan
    • Owner, It's All Yoga, United States

Your goal is our goal

We help our clients to reach their ultimate business goals, sooth their legal worries and teach them how law can be used as a strategic tool in their business. We are also proud of our exquisite customer service. For us, every client is number 1 and worth of our full attention. When you choose to hire us, you can be sure your business is our top priority.

We care about the community

As part of our Giving Back Program, our lawyers are committed to doing at least 70 hours of pro bono work per year and we donate 5 % of our annual profit to the charity chosen by the members of the company board. This year we have been able to help clients from United Kingdom, United States and Nigeria in matters ranging from trademark infringements to advising in contractual issues. Read more about our CRM program here.

We work in a sustainable way

We are committed to reduce the environmental impact of our work and have a green office policy. We have adopted several policies to further sustainability in our practice. Please read more about our practices and efforts in this area here.

Flexible working hours

It is easy to reach us. We regularly provide services in nights and weekends to satisfy our clients needs. Your timeline is always a priority for us. Clients regularly thank us for our prompt and thorough communication.

Remote services

Vedinor provides almost all services remotely. That means you can handle your legal matters wherever you are, as long as you have at least an internet connection. We can have meetings over Skype, Zoom, Teams or if you prefer to have an end-to-end encrypted conversation, we can use Legaler or other service providers.