Vedinor has extensive knowledge about international and European Union e-commerce, including legal aspects of different business models, liability in e-commerce transactions and consumer protection aspects. We regularly draft Terms & Conditions for our clients in different industries and can help you to legally pivot your business online. We can assist you also in Finnish and Swedish e-commerce legislation. Contact us to learn more about E-Commerce Practice and how we can help you.

Intellectual Property

Vedinor has extensive knowledge about intellectual property, including trademarks, brand strategy and protection, designs, copyright and related rights, patents and trade secrets. Special knowledge we have in Digital Brand Strategy and Protection. We have extensive experience about trademark and copyright infringements on social media and internet and means to exploit IP acquired via use on social media. We assist in all kinds of court and administrative proceedings related to IP’s.

Marketing & Advertisement

We provide solutions that you can deliver your marketing campaigns legally and in compliance with current EU legislation. We are experienced with modern marketing techniques, such as affiliate and influencer marketing. We can help you with podcast marketing agreements and sponsorship arrangements. We assist in administrative and court proceedings related to marketing law. Contact us to learn more about our Marketing & Advertisement Practice and how we can help you.

Internet & Social Media

Our knowledge about Internet and social media law is profound. We regularly assist in matters related to Internet and social media. We often draft comprehensive manuals, policies, guidelines and other documents for companies providing the value of our extensive substance knowledge of different platforms. We have extensive experience on IP enforcement on social media and internet, and influencer agreement campaigns and agreements.

Data Protection & Privacy

We advise selected clients on European Union, Finnish and Swedish data protection and privacy matters, generally as a part of other engagements. We draft privacy policies and other documents needed in business. We act as an EU Privacy Representative for companies outside the EU. Our pricing is very cost effective. Contact us to learn more about our Data Protection & Privacy practice and how we can help you.

Consumer Protection

We advise on European Union consumer protection obligations and legislation, especially in relation to e-commerce and marketing campaigns. We assist in administrative and court proceedings related to consumer law. If you need special knowledge about Finnish and Swedish consumer laws, we are your firm. We want to make sure your campaigns are not only legit and compliant but also successful. Contact us to learn more about our Consumer Protection practice and how we can help you.

Information Technology

We advise on information technology related transactions and agreements, for example Website Agreements and mobile application and software end user license agreements. We can also assist in software patents and other IP matters related to computer games, software and mobile apps.

General Commercial

We assist and advise in commercial matters, focusing on contracts and agreements. We have a profound understanding of creative and technology sector transactions, and transactions involving IP rights. International and cross-border transactions are our expertise, but we can also assist locally in Finland and Sweden.

General Corporate

We have sound experience in general corporate law, including formation of business and organisations. We assist and advise selected clients in cross-border mergers and acquisitions, conduct legal due diligence and draft agreements for company founders and shareholders. In addition, we can provide assistance in corporate governance.